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4 Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Roof: What to Look For!

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Roofing Contractors: You Hire Them, But What Exactly Do They Do?

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First Roof Replacement? No Need to Stress, Here's What to Expect

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Is Rhino-Back Roofing The Right Company To Call For Your Particular Need? What Services Do We Offer You?

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Working With Rhino-Back Roofing: Who We Are And How We Got To This Place!

Does the idea of hiring a roofing contractor make you a little anxious? If so, you’re not alone. We can relate to this feeling, which might surprise you – considering we are a roofing company.

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How to Know If Hail Damaged Your Roof?

If you've seen or heard anything about a hail storm in your area, then it's a great idea to consider the fact that your roof or other exterior surfaces may have been damaged.

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TOP 5 Roof Mistakes...And How To Avoid Them

Replacing your roof is an investment you only want to make once. The challenge is that many of the most important elements of a roof installation are hidden. Only the roof shingles are visible from the outside, which means that evaluating a roof installation just by looking at it, is not effective. This Report is designed to help you understand common roofing mistakes and shortcuts that many roofers make and how you can avoid them.

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Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

Mike and his team were extremely helpful at solving our complex roofing needs, (flat leaking roof with very poor drainage). They worked exceptionally well with our schedule and put our needs first and foremost. The job was completed extremely fast and efficiently and beyond our expectations. The best part is everything is the warranty is for much longer than we ever expected. Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

Couldn't have gone better

Well done, done quickly, and at a fair price. Thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. Good communication and friendly service.This Canton CT Roofing couldn't have gone better.