Making a Difference with the Rhino-Back Gives Back Program

Are you looking for ways to give back? At Rhino-Back Roofing, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to positively impact their community. That is why we are happy to introduce Rhino-Back Gives-Back – an initiative designed to allow Rhino-back to give back to the community and encourage others to do the same. Read on to learn more about how this program is helping make our community a better place!

How it Started

Rhino-Back Gives-Back is a testament to our company's strong values and spirit of community service. After a roof deployment project, our founders Mike and Lisa, felt the company could do more to help those in need. Today, this initiative is integral to Rhino-Back's commitment to giving back to the community. Here, we'll explore how the program works, what makes it unique, and how it helps those in need. 


Rhino-Back Gives-Back is about giving back to the community, starting with donating to different causes and organizations. But donations are just the beginning. The initiative also involves practical, hands-on efforts to help those in need. This program is not primarily about writing a check but showing that someone cares. Our employees devote time to working on-site at local charities and organizations. These efforts empower those who can use a helping hand and allow employees to connect with our community in a meaningful and impactful way. Occasionally, we have been able to participate in give-back events as an entire company, donating time and resources to help out where we can.

Our team is passionate about drawing attention to various charities that need help. We want to use the company's voice to help bring about positive change. At the heart of Rhino-Back Gives-Back is a commitment to loving people, a core value that our company's founders and employees take very seriously. By focusing on community service and charitable efforts, we put that commitment into action and make a difference in people's lives. Whether through volunteering, donations, or in-kind support, we are there to support and uplift the community we serve.

Spotlight On Charities

Roof Deployment Project

One of the larger projects Rhino-Back Gives-Back has undertaken to date is the Roof Deployment Project, which was our flagship project. We partnered with Owens Corning and several other companies and provided roofing services to a veteran that needed a roof. Rhino-Back installed the roof, while other companies helped to provide materials for the project. We enjoyed our time working on the project, hope to do another one soon & would love to be able to do one every year!

Salvation Army

Because of the Salvation Army’s desire to meet basic human needs in a dignified way, our team at Rhino-Back chose to work with this organization which offers a life-line to people in communities all throughout the country. We spent a day there helping to clean and organize the Salvation Army's storage rooms. This was an event we did as a company, and it was an excellent place for us to be able to give back collectively to help this organization better serve the community.



Another organization that we’re honored to support is Love146. Love146 works tirelessly to end child exploitation and trafficking, and we were fortunate enough to attend their annual gala. It was a great opportunity for us to meet people dedicated to this cause and learn more about the organization's work. We encourage everyone to learn more about Love146 and support them in any way possible.

Healing Meals

A helpful initiative that our employees are proud to be a part of is a fundraiser for Healing Meals. This event brings together volunteers and professional chefs to prepare meals for the fundraiser. The proceeds go to support patients and families who are going through a health crisis. This is a fantastic way to give back, especially for those that have a heart for people with medical needs.


Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk

In addition to these events, this year we're also participating in the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk in October. We invite anyone who wants to join our team to contact us and walk with us to support this important cause. We are fundraising to reach our goal of $3,500.

These are just a few of the events and organizations with which Rhino-Back Gives-Back was able to help. We are excited to continue to support them in meaningful ways. We’re also looking for needs in other parts of the community with which we can help. 

How You Can Help:

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to love people. Rhino-Back Gives-Back believes that by focusing on meaningful change at the local level, we can all work together to make a real difference in our community. These efforts are making our community stronger and more resilient. By building meaningful relationships with local charities and organizations, Rhino-Back can put our values into action and make a difference in the lives of others. If you’d like more information about any of these initiatives, please contact Making Strides here:, or you can call our office at: (860) 217-1424.

“The need is great, and so are the opportunities to make a difference.”-Paul Newman.


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Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

Mike and his team were extremely helpful at solving our complex roofing needs, (flat leaking roof with very poor drainage). They worked exceptionally well with our schedule and put our needs first and foremost. The job was completed extremely fast and efficiently and beyond our expectations. The best part is everything is the warranty is for much longer than we ever expected. Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

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Couldn't have gone better

Well done, done quickly, and at a fair price. Thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. Good communication and friendly service.This Canton CT Roofing couldn't have gone better.