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What to Expect with your roof replacement.
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What to Expect Before, During & After Your CT Roof Installation

How long will it take to do my roof?

Most homes are completed in 1 day
Larger homes are usually completed in 1 or 2 days
In rare cases, very large homes or complicated roofs can take 3 days to complete.

People are pleasantly surprised to hear it happens so quickly! They ask, “How can you do my roof so fast”? It’s pretty simple: MANPOWER. Our Connecticut roofing crews consist of 6-9 highly trained people working on your home like a well-oiled machine.

Here are three important reasons we run a large team that can complete the job quickly:

Fast completion protects your home. This avoids exposing your house to rain overnight, which can cause severe damage.
Fast completion lets you get on with your life! No matter how much you like the guys, no one wants a work crew banging on your house for days or weeks on end!
Fast completion gives you a great value. By working with a larger team we are more efficient and can give you the best roof system available at a very fair price.

What happens leading up to my roofing project?

Our team will be busy working behind the scenes to make sure your project goes smoothly and efficiently when we show up to do the work. Here is a short list of what to expect leading up to your project:

We will pull the appropriate permit from your local building department. This will happen a couple weeks before your start date.
We will give you an estimated start week when you schedule your project. The week before your installation you will get a call from our production manager to set a more exact date based on weather conditions.
The roofing material will be delivered to your home 1-2 days prior to your start date and placed in an agreed upon, convenient spot.
An appropriate sized dumpster will be delivered to your house the day before (or the morning of) your start date. The dumpster will be placed on thick wood planks to protect your driveway and/or yard, and placed in an agreed upon, convenient spot.

What can I expect during my project?

Typically we will arrive between 7:30 – 8:00 am on the day of your project.
We will start the day by securing heavy duty, roofing specific tarps to your house from the lower portion of the roof. The tarps hang down the sides of the house and extend onto the yard. This important step will protect your home and catch the debris as we strip the existing roof.
The existing roof will be carefully removed.
Repair of the deck under your existing singles will be handled next.
Clean up of the stripped roofing material is a high priority! Part of the team will be working all day to clear the debris (see our reviews in this department). We work hard to clean up, and realize how important that is to you!
Once we have a clean and sturdy base and have started with cleanup, we will install your new roof system.
After your roof is completed we will do a final quality inspection and a thorough full-yard clean up before we leave!

What happens to wrap up my roof project?

There are a few loose ends we need to tie up.  We are committed to life-long relationships with the people we serve, so we take every detail of your project seriously, including the wrap-up!

The dumpster will be picked up the day after your completion date.
We generally order a little extra material so we don’t run out the day of your install-this small amount of surplus will typically be picked up the day after your completion date.
If applicable we will register the extended manufacturer warranties for your new roof system.
Finally, we will give you a call to schedule a follow-up visit to get your feedback, pick up the yard sign, and say THANK YOU for choosing us to serve you and your family!

We hope this information was helpful to you in planning and preparing for your upcoming roofing project. Please contact us if we can help you in any way!

What to expect from your Rhino-Back Roofing Estimate

We appreciate you deciding to have our company evaluate your roofing needs! As a local family owned business, we stay in close touch with our customers, before, during, and after their projects.

One of the things that people consistently tell us is that their initial inspection and estimate with us was thorough, informative and easy. Here is a short list of what you can expect from the estimate that we will be happy to provide for you:


As an example, we will be there at 6:30 pm rather than giving you a window of between 4 pm and 7 pm. We understand you are busy!


Every home is different and has its own set of installation challenges. We will inspect your roof and ventilation thoroughly as well and take detailed measurements.


Your estimator will bring samples for you to look at to help you figure out what roofing products and colors best fit your needs and taste.


No more waiting days or weeks to figure out how much it’s all going to cost! During your roof estimate, we will provide you with an exact cost of your project. By the time we leave you will have all the info you need to know what options are best for you and your budget.


We will provide you with your detailed roof estimate and inspection at no cost and with no obligation. Simply fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.


We want to make sure that you have all the information you need when it comes time to make your decision. Here at Rhino-Back Roofing, it is our mission to ensure that you are comfortable, confident, and well-informed throughout the entire process. If you'd like to talk to a member of our team, Call (860) 317 0014 and let us know how we can help with your upcoming CT Roofing needs.

If you'd like to know more about the specific services we offer, VISIT OUR ROOFING SERVICES PAGE

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Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

Mike and his team were extremely helpful at solving our complex roofing needs, (flat leaking roof with very poor drainage). They worked exceptionally well with our schedule and put our needs first and foremost. The job was completed extremely fast and efficiently and beyond our expectations. The best part is everything is the warranty is for much longer than we ever expected. Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

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Couldn't have gone better

Well done, done quickly, and at a fair price. Thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. Good communication and friendly service.This Canton CT Roofing couldn't have gone better.