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CT Roofing Services

If you're looking for a Roofing Company in CT that you can really trust, look no further. We have an "A" Rating on Angie's List and a 5- Star Rating on Facebook and Google. Here at Rhino-Back Roofing we hold the highest standards for quality, craftsmanship and business reputation. Find out what our customers are saying about Rhino-Back Roofing in Simsbury, CT by clicking Here.

You can rely on Rhino-Back Roofing to solve many roofing problems you may have. Every home is different and every roofing project is unique. That being said, we will inspect your property and put together a detailed scope of exactly what your home needs. Below you'll find a detailed list of the roofing services that we specialize in when it comes to Roofing in CT.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

repairing roof shingle

Getting a Complete Roof Replacement in CT, or any state for that matter, is a major project for any homeowner. If your roof is showing signs of age or damage, regular repairs and maintenance may not be enough to preserve the integrity of your roof. The professional roofing experts at Rhino-Back Roofing in CT service a wide variety of roofing materials and give you a durable, high quality roof that will not only complement your home but will last for years to come.

Rhino-Back Roofing specializes in the replacement of asphalt shingle roofs in Connecticut. If you're unsure of whether or not your roof needs replacing or of the costs associated with roof replacement, contact Rhino-Back for a Free Roofing Estimate in CT.

Take a look at our Portfolio to view some of the roof replacements we've done in Connecticut.

Roofing Ventilation

asphalt shingles close up

An effective Roof Ventilation System reduces the amount of heat in the summer and moisture in the winter. By doing so, it helps to make your heating and cooling systems more efficient. This, in effect, helps increase the life of your roof as well.

A few indicators that you may not be getting adequate ventilation are if you notice the following:

Excessive heat in the attic during the summer months
Mold growth
Frost on sheathing, rafters or other items in the attic
Water dripping from tips of nails (not necessarily due to a roof leak)

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you may have a ventilation issue and should have your roof evaluated by a qualified roofing company. We offer Free Roofing Estimates and provide high quality Roof Ventilation Services in CT.

Rubber Roofs in CT

New flat roof awning on brick home

Rubber Roofing is the a very common roofing system in CT and throughout New England. Rubber Roofing is ideal for use over low-sloping or flat roofs because it is durable, pliable, and waterproof. Whether they are made from synthetic rubber polymers or are made from plastic polymers, rubber roofs are designed to go in places where asphalt shingles don't perform well.

If you would like more information about Rubber Roofing Services in CT, Contact Rhino-Back Today.

Roof-Related Siding and Trim Services

New red siding on home with

In the same way that roofs protect your home from moisture problems and help you retain heat and comfort in your home, siding also serves many of the same roles for the rest of the structure. Siding does much more than give your home a distinct color or look. Here’s a look at some of the important ways that siding helps your home.

From protection to visual appeal, siding is important for homeowners. While most people realize siding makes a house look great, few understand the importance of siding. Siding protects the home’s structure from the elements. Wind and rain can be deadly to a home’s structure, which is why siding is so important. Our expert roofing contractors consider aesthetics, function and cost when selecting roof siding with homeowners. The result is a home that looks great and has the protection needed to stand up to different weather conditions.

For more information about Roof Siding Services in CT, Contact Us Today.

Skylight Installation

Skylight instalation in new roof

When it comes to skylight installation, it is important to hire a professional contractor with a great deal of experience. Whether you currently have a skylight installed in your home that needs replacing, or are looking for a Skylight Installer in CT, Rhino-Back Roofing is the company to call.

Rhino-Back's team of professional roofers in CT take an immense amount of pride in their work, and that pride results in the most beautiful and highly functional skylights for your home.

Our staff is professionally trained and licensed so you can feel confident that we will get the job done correctly the first time around. Call Rhino-Back Today if you are interested in Skylight Installation in CT.

Roof Flashing in CT

Sealing around Chimney on asphalt roof

Flashings can be found in many external areas of a house. Porches, walls, doors and windows, even the foundations, but the most common area is the roof. Anything which rises through or joins to the roof, will have a flashing. Chimney, dormer window, skylight, vents and roof valleys will all have a flashing where they join, or disappear through, the roof.

Roof flashings are fitted primarily to maintain a watertight roof. Without a flashing fitted, rain water would run down the chimney, or the higher area of roof tiles, and just disappear into the house interior where the chimney rises through the roof.

Likewise, on a house with a pitched roof that might contain a dormer window with pitched roof, where the two roofs join on both sides are called the valleys. Without a flashing built into these valleys, rain water running down both roofs would pour through into the house. The flashing ensures the joints remain watertight.

For Roof Flashing in CT, Contact Rhino-Back roofing Today.

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Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

Mike and his team were extremely helpful at solving our complex roofing needs, (flat leaking roof with very poor drainage). They worked exceptionally well with our schedule and put our needs first and foremost. The job was completed extremely fast and efficiently and beyond our expectations. The best part is everything is the warranty is for much longer than we ever expected. Definitely recommend Rhino-Back Roofing for your roofing needs!

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Couldn't have gone better

Well done, done quickly, and at a fair price. Thoroughly cleaned up after themselves. Good communication and friendly service.This Canton CT Roofing couldn't have gone better.