Tariffville Road, Simsbury, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Tariffville Road, Simsbury, CT

This was a roofing project in Tarifville, CT 06081. As you read, a large tree came down on the back side of the garage of this home. Fortunately, the rafters and structure were not damaged but the roof on the back was pretty torn up, and the back gutter was crushed. After some convincing, Clay & Diane's insurance company agreed to pay for replacing both the front and the back of the garage roof. We stripped and disposed of the existing shingles, then inspected the plywood deck and installed a completely new roofing system. Since the garage was lower than the main house we also inspected and reworked the flashing at the transition between the new roof and the existing siding. The shingles were a close match to the originals which are still on the main house. After replacing the gutter that was crushed by the tree, everything looks great!

Tariffville Road, Simsbury, CT
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