Silver St, Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Silver St, Granby, CT

We spend so much time doing roof replacement in Granby, it's like our second home! This homeowner contacted us to assess their roof for replacement. Connecticut has sustained some tough winters and summers recently and this beautiful home in Granby was ready for some roof work. Sometimes we like to use a drone for aerial footage before a roofing replacement project. The drone footage helps us take a closer look and prepare an accurate, free estimate for our customers. On this home we went with our standard roofing replacement procedures which includes dozens of steps. Here is a summary of the important roof replacement steps. Measure and order the correct materials Arrive and set up for demo Remove the old roof shingles and materials Inspect the roof decking, repair as needed Install water control products Ice and Water Shield Flashing Underlayment Install ridge vents and any other necessary ventilation Install shingles, cap shingles and other accessories This is brief summary of the steps we took to complete this Granby Connecticut roofing replacement.

Silver St, Granby, CT
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