Barndoor Hills Road, Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Barndoor Hills Road, Granby, CT

Jaqueline and Paul contacted us after a recent storm that pelted their home with heavy winds and rain. They had a rear addition added to their Granby CT 06035 home about 15 years prior, and during the course of the storm a piece of siding ripped off, revealing what appeared to be rotting wood where the shingles met the decking on the edge of the roofline. Concerned that this was indicative of a major problem they asked if we would inspect the addition and prepare an estimate to replace the roof on this section. After assessing the roof it was determined that the addition on the Barndoor Hills Road home was in need of a complete replacement. After stripping the existing roofing materials we discovered that there was extensive rotting of the original decking, so we replaced 5 pieces of plywood using CDX 4-ply, a higher quality material. We then installed Ice & Water Shield on the entire roof due to the low pitch, ensuring that the addition was adequately protected. We also installed aluminum rake returns to help eliminate the ongoing problem they were having with insects boring into the wood. The Granby CT couple chose a Sierra Grey shingle color that was an excellent match to the existing main house roof. After all leftover materials and waste were picked up and properly disposed of we returned to the home to do a second cleanup, making sure to leave the property in pristine condition. The addition roof looks wonderful and the homeowners can rest assured that they will be completely protected when the next summer storm rolls through!

Barndoor Hills Road, Granby, CT
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