Squadron Line Road, Simsbury, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Squadron Line Road, Simsbury, CT

beginning to fail, with missing and crumbling shingles in areas that were also beginning to attract a great deal of moss growth. After inspecting the roof it was determined that not only did the roof require a replacement, there were also ventilation issues that needed to be addressed in order to ensure that the new roof being installed would have the proper air flow. We assisted the homeowner in obtaining financing for the project, and scheduled a time for the work to be done. The original roof was stripped of 2 layers of existing shingles down to the decking, and the existing ridge vents on the main house were replaced, with a new vent cut on the attached garage for better air circulation. We then reflashed a small chimney and installed Ice & Water Shield along all eaves, valleys, and high risk areas. A synthetic underlayment was then applied, making the roof water tight. Our crew then installed lifetime architectural shingles on the Squadron Line home in an Onyx Black color. Once the roof replacement was completed a thorough clean up was done and the home and surrounding yard left free of debris. This Simsbury CT 06070 home looks wonderful, and the homeowners can now rest easy knowing that their home is fully protected.

Squadron Line Road, Simsbury, CT
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