Camelot Lane, Avon, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Camelot Lane, Avon, CT

After recently moving into their Camelot Lane home in Avon CT 06001, the new homeowners found us through neighbor recommendations on a local Facebook group. With recent heavy rainstorms moving through the area they were experiencing leaking on one section of the roof, and were concerned that due to age they were in need of a replacement. After a comprehensive inspection of the home we determined that the roof did indeed need to be replaced, and ventilation would also need to be addressed. It was also apparent that the majority of the plywood decking would also need to be replaced due to water and mold damage. Material was delivered the day before the project was set to begin and the following morning our energetic crews got to work stripping the roof materials. Once this was done we were able to determine that just about half of the plywood needed to be replaced with new CDX 4-ply. An existing ridge vent was closed off as it was not providing adequate ventilation, and a rooftop exhaust fan with heat and moisture sensors was installed. We replaced 2 bath vents and installed 3 box vents, and reflashed 2 existing pipes. One this was completed we then began to install Ice & Water shield-because of the low pitch and design of this Avon CT 06001 home Ice & Water shield was applied to the entire roof. We then began installing lifetime architectural shingles in a Brownwood color. After the new roof was in place, our crews did a thorough cleanup of the Camelot Lane property, leaving absolutely nothing behind or overlooked. These homeowners are very pleased with the look of their new roof, and we are confident that their new home is fully protected.

Camelot Lane, Avon, CT
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