Fox Den Road, Simsbury, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Fox Den Road, Simsbury, CT

This was a residential roof replacement in Simsbury, CT on Fox Den Rd, 06070. We completely stripped the existing shingles down to the plywood on this colonial style home. Next we applied a high grade ice and water shield 6 feet up from all of the eaves on the home except on one area. That area was an addition that was built with a very low pitch roof. Because of the low pitch this particular plane required full coverage of a special high viscosity ice and water shield designed to give extra protection on very high risk areas. In that same area we installed a box vent to help prevent against heat build up in the small attic cavity that could lead to ice damming. After that, we continued to install a complete high grade asphalt roof system to make sure John's house is protected for many years to come. Even though he is considering selling his home in the next two years he wanted to make sure no roof issues came up during the sale process. John was a pleasure to work for!

Fox Den Road, Simsbury, CT
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