14 Mountain Rd,

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Roofing Job Story at 14 Mountain Rd,

Hartland, CT is a beautiful area of the state with expansive forest and large residential properties. This beatiful residence in Hartland had a roof with many different situations. In some areas there was up to 4 layers of old roofing shingle that were previously installed, maybe dating back close to 100 years. In other areas, water had made it's way into the roofing surfaces to cause rot. A full roof restoration was needed to bring this roof back to a good state. Rhino-Back was called in to review the situation and provide the homeowners with a roofing replacement solution. We started with a site inspection and free estimate. Once the roofing scope of work and agreement was in place, we got to work. This roofing replacement project required a lot more attention than most. We removed several areas of roofing all the way down to the framing. In some areas we needed to replace the roofing sheathing or do what is called a roof decking overlay. A roof decking overlay is where we install new plywood over existing decking or ledgerboards. Once the roof deck surface was prepared and restored, it was time to install the new roof. We stared with extensive use of Underlayments and Ice and Water Shield to make sure the roof surface is well protected for years to come. Then we installed the top layers of roofing product for protection and aesthetic appeal.

14 Mountain Rd,
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