Zimmer Rd, Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Zimmer Rd, Granby, CT

This homeowner contacted us, suspecting that they had incurred hail damage on their Granby roof. We completed a thorough inspection and sure enough the roof shingles and flashing were dinged with hail marks all over the place. We helped this Granby family file a roof replacement insurance claim. This can be a tricky and confusing process, but we're well versed and happy to help. After getting approval from the insurance company we made plans for a complete roof replacement. The new roof would be completed with the proper underlayments, flashing, ventilation, and roof shingles. The day of the project, our Production Manager met with the homeowners and did a complete walk-around of the property, reviewing the roof replacement process and what to expect before beginning the work. After demolition, which is removal of the old roofing shingles and underlayments our team of Connecticut roofers got right to work! We installed Ice & Water Shield in all the potential problem areas; along the eaves, valleys, and other high-risk areas. Then, as a protective measure we installed a Synthetic Underlayment, and finished the roof with beautiful, high-quality architectural shingles.

Zimmer Rd, Granby, CT
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