Silkey Heights Dr, Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Silkey Heights Dr, Granby, CT

This homeowner in Granby sustained damage to their roof from the 2018 Hail Storm. After seeing our trucks in the area, they called Rhino-Back roofing for advice. Soon after we worked with the homeowner and their insurance company to get approval of their roof replacement. ONce it was time to go, we reviewed all aspects of the job with the homeonwer and what to expect before, during, and after the project. Once the materials were delivered and the dumpster was placed at this home, our energetic crew got right to work. First we began by stripping the old existing layer of roof shingles and underlayment which exposed the plywood decking. Next our team inspected the condition of the existing plywood. and replaced pieces where needed. Then we worked on the ventilation. Given the shape of this roof we had to make sure sufficient ventilation was installed. we cut and installed a new ridge vent on all the peaks. To manage any stray water, our team applied Ice & Water protection in all the trouble spots; along all eaves, valleys, vents, and pipes, and also reflashed and sealed other penetrations. Once this was complete we then reshingled the home using lifetime architectural shingles in which blended nicely with the high-pitch design of this Colonial style home. After the new roof was completely installed we did a detailed cleanup of the yard, which included emoving any debris. Once again this Granby home looks amazing!

Silkey Heights Dr, Granby, CT
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