Stratford Road, Farmington, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Stratford Road, Farmington, CT

This roofing project was located in Stratford Rd, Farmington, CT 06032. The home was situated in the Devonwood development and was performed on a beautiful large sprawling colonial home. As usual, we started by stripping the existing roof down to the plywood. The roof deck was in fairly good condition, but there where several areas on the lower 1st floor roofs that where leaking, especially in the winter. We repaired those areas and in one particularly high risk area we removed some cedar clapboard siding and ran a special high viscosity ice and water shield up the wall in the transition point between the roof and the siding. After that membrane was installed we installed new wood siding to finish the area. The project also included several Velux deck mounted skylights. These where installed using the factory manufactured flashing kit. After these trouble areas where addressed we installed their high quality new roof using a classic Estate Gray architectural shingle that has a subtle but noticeable contrast between a lighter and darker gray. Jennifer's home looks amazing!

Stratford Road, Farmington, CT
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