Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Granby, CT

There are so many benefits to replacing your roof and this Granby homeowner is experiencing all of them! Let's break down the benefits into 3 main categories: Weather Protection, Aesthetics, and Resale Value WEATHER PROTECTION: A properly installed new roof should provide excellent protection against all the weather we see in Connecticut. Whether it's rain, snow, or wind, your new roof should help protect your home and the contents within. ROOF AESTHETICS: This is a less obvious benefit of roof replacement, but an important one! We are constantly being thanked by homewoners or their neighbors for improving the look of the neighboorhood with beautiful architectural shingles. Don't overlook the value of a nice looking roof. You'll be proud of the investment you've made in your home. RESALE VALUE: It's easy for a home inspector to spot an old roof. And you know what that means... You're home sale may fall throough or at least be delayed! Replacing your roof before selling your home is an excellent investment.


Exemplary workmanship, attention to detail and the nicest people to deal with! Mike and his team dealt with everything from beginning to end with expertise and persistence . The work ethic of the roofing crew was admirable and folks, this was not their first rodeo! We watched in awe as they worked together like a well oiled machine-We were left with a 1st class roofing installation and couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you everyone at Rhino-back. You are the best in the business.

Granby, CT
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Response from Rhino-Back Roofing:

Thank you for the phenomenal review Susan and Jack! We strive to make every customers experience like the one you had. We are very proud of our team and the work they do. We hope that you enjoy your new roof and we are grateful for your recommendation to others.

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