Silver Brook Lane, Granby, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Silver Brook Lane, Granby, CT

For this CT roofing project, we stripped the entire existing roof down to the plywood and installed a new complete roofing system on this cape style home located on, Silver Brook Ln in Granby CT 06060. It was a fairly high pitched (steep slope) project. The home already had a good laid out ventilation set up so we simply replaced the existing ridge vent. The attic is breathing well. The plywood under the shingles was in good condition so minimal repair of the roof deck was required. The main reason we like to inspect the attic before we do any roofing projects, as Marilyn mentioned we did, is to get an idea of the condition of the plywood before we get started. By doing this we are able to let the customer know if it appears there will be additional deck replacement required after the shingle are stripped which would cost more. This allows people to prepare and avoids surprises the day of the project. Our customers have told us they appreciate that. Marilyn decided on Driftwood for her roof color. It looks really good with her existing siding!

Silver Brook Lane, Granby, CT
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