Old Mill Road, Avon, CT

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Roofing Job Story at Old Mill Road, Avon, CT

This home located on Old Mill Road in Avon CT 06001 had a roof that was about 25 years old and due for a replacement, as well as 6 skylights of varying sizes that needed to be replaced as well. After seeing our Rhinoback Van at a neighboring job site and looking at our reviews online this Avon CT customer reached out to us to provide an estimate for the project. After choosing the shingle color and selecting solar blinds for the skylights we were scheduled to begin the Old Mill Road project. When our crews arrived they walked the beautifully landscaped property with the homeowner, taking great care to cover and protect all of the plantings surrounding the home. We then began to strip and dispose of the old roofing materials and skylights. Once the roof was stripped down to the decking, we began the process of installing the skylights and corresponding factory flashing kits, ensuring that they were completely watertight. Ice & Water shield was applied along all eaves, valleys, and other high risk areas, and a synthetic underlayment was applied to the remainder of the roof deck. 2 chimneys were reflashed as well as 2 pipe boots and several bath vents. We also installed a rooftop exhaust fan with heat and moisture settings to provide proper ventilation to the home. We also replaced an existing ridge vent on the home's lower ridge. This Avon CT 06001 customer also had a dish mount kit that he asked us to install while we were replacing the roof, and we were happy to do so. Shingles were then installed in the popular Estate Gray color and our meticulous crew members did a thorough cleanup of the area, taking special care with the landscaping. Excess material was removed and the dumpster hauled away. This Old Mill Road couple is thrilled with the way the project came out and we are so happy that we were able to help them with their home!

Old Mill Road, Avon, CT
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