Roof Wind Damage in Simsbury, CT

If you've had Roof Wind Damage in Simsbury Connecticut , contact Rhino Back Roofing.

Roof Wind Damage in Simsbury, CT

Simsbury CT Roof Wind Damage

There are many weather events in Simsbury that can cause roof damage, not the least of which is high winds. Storms any time of year may come with high winds, which can lead to severe effects on roofs. When wind storms aren't accompanied by hail or excessive rain, many people don't give a second thought to their potential roof damage. However, these winds add severe pressure to roof shingles and often cause roof damage.

It's hard to always prevent roof damage from strong winds but a properly installed roof system is your best ally. A well constructed roof can resist wind damage, saving you money down the road.

These are key elements of a wind resistant roof:

  • Secure Decking or Sheathing - The wood layer underneath your roof's shingles is critical to wind resistance. This layer is often made of plywood, or ledgerboard. Hire a professional roofer to ensure your roof sheathing is wind resistant.
  • Roofing Materials - Even regions that don't often experience high winds may experience wind events. Choose roof materials based on their resistance to wind damage.
  • In additon to wind damage to shingles, other elements could be affected. Ridge vents, flashing, and penetrations. All these roof elements need to be appropriately secured to resist wind damage.

Rhino-Back Roofing can help you if you've experienced roof wind damage in Simsbury, CT. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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