3 Tips to Free Roof Hail Damage Replacement

3 Tips to Free Roof Hail Damage Replacement


Hail storms are dangerous and often accompanied by high winds, rain, lightning, and even tornadoes. In addition to the immediate danger, large hailstones present the reality that your property may have been damaged. This includes first and foremost, your roof. Replacing your roof is an investment you only want to make once. Knowing the right decisions to make in this situation is critical to your long-term well-being.  Not every hail storm causes replaceable damage, but when it does, you don’t want to miss out on your insurance rights. Read the rest of this guide and contact Rhino-Back Roofing today.


There’s a whole industry of “Storm Chasers” and if you live in a storm-damaged area, LOOK OUT, they are coming for you! What’s a Storm Chaser? It’s a company or individual who moves into an area that’s been recently hit with a damaging storm. They are known to set up shop for a short period of time, sometimes several weeks or months for the sole purpose of getting business resultant from the storm. What’s the problem? The problem is, many of these companies will do anything to earn a quick buck on you and your insurance company, and they have no interest in your long-term well-being. There have been many documented cases of a Storm Chaser “partnering” with a local company to generate an overwhelming amount of business. The result is the local business cannot service the customers and often ends up in dire straights, even having to close the business. That leaves homeowners in a lurch.


Hail damage is not always obvious or visible from the ground. You should never climb on your roof unless you are a trained professional with the right equipment. It’s better to contact a company who specializes in roof restoration services. These professionals will have the proper methods to inspect your roof safely and thoroughly. Replacing your roof is an investment you only want to make once. The challenge is that many of the most essential elements of a roof installation are hidden. Only the roof shingles are visible from the outside, which means that evaluating a roof installation just by looking at it, is not effective. Knowing the right questions to ask your roofing contractor is critical to making a good decision in whom to hire.


It’s no secret that insurance companies would rather payout less. That’s their business and we can’t blame them for that. However, as a homeowner, you have rights. Hiring an expert who knows the business and the industry will ensure that you get the maximum replacement or financial restitution within the parameters of your insurance policy. Let the experts handle the hard work. Replacing your roof is an investment you only want to make once. Hiring an expert to handle the insurance process could save you thousands of dollars and ensure a better roof installation.


Whether you have obvious hail damage or you’re not quite sure, the most important decision you can make is choosing the right partner in the process. Making a poor decision in navigating the hail damage restoration process could leave you in worse shape than you were before.  We are Rhino-Back Roofing and we think we are the right partner for you!

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